Pregnancy Unmasked


Pregnancy can be a scary thing for women, especially for those who have had trouble conceiving or who have had a miscarriage or even multiple miscarriages for any reason and at any time. The truth of the matter is that pregnancy tests your faith and your relationship with GOD and many times even with others. 


Something about pregnancy I would say, wakes you up and makes you more aware. Many times it teaches one about life within itself (if you pay close attention). It demonstrates change, processes and most importantly faith. 


This is an area of life, for a woman, that if you surrender it to GOD, it will bless you regardless the outcome, drawing you closer to GOD ( if you allow).


The biggest thing is trusting GOD and KNOWING that He is in control, He is sovereign and nothing can take place outside His allowance. He is always working things for your good and in the event of evil, just remember, “What was meant for evil, GOD will turn it for your good, always giving you the advantage. 


So just rest on and in Him, knowing that His will is being done in your life and He will bring you to an expected end (His Will)!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Unmasked

  1. Omg you’re pictures are so beautiful!!! Congratulations!! I so look up to you! Keep inspiring women 😘😘

    1. Awwwwwwww, thank you soooooooooo much, I appreciate it, and yes ma’am, by GOD’s grace I will continue to do so! Thank you for your encouraging words ☺️☺️☺️✨🤗

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