Getting Back To Where You Need To Be


Sometimes we find ourselves loosing our way, but we should not beat our selves up and wallow there, while in the wrong place but rather get up and get back on the track of destiny.


I once heard it’s not about the mistake you make but it’s about what you do to correct the mistake you made. In the same way, it’s not about straying off and loosing your way, it’s about finding your way back to where you were destined to be.


Seeking GOD is essential. Many times we loose our way and get off track because we have lost our way with Christ, or we have simply left Him somewhere. Truth is, GOD never leaves us, we leave Him and in order to move forward and get back on track we need to go back and pick Him up from where we have left Him.


Staying focused and being on track is important because you were created on PURPOSE (for a purpose that benefits not only you but others).  So KNOW, that you were perfectly crafted for specific things that only you can do!  Find what you were created for and run with it, but let me give you a hint…get with the One that has the blueprint of your life in His very hands, because it’s easier and more beneficial to follow the path that has already been perfectly paved for you!


So, if you find yourself in a place where you have drifted so far off, just take things one step and one day at a time; making little changes and implement them daily.  It is the little things that will work together and steer you in the right direction, before you know it you will be back on track! And if you are having a hard time hearing from GOD, do the right things that you know to do until you can hear Him telling you what to do (again).

5EE79178-B619-45AD-B1AA-9AB376340611.jpeg With all that being said, I just want to say Cheerup, sometimes it takes some getting lost to be found, just make sure you find yourself in Christ!



•Pinpoint what got you off track/ what gets you off track, write them down And tell GOD. Ask GOD to forgive you but help you with whatever that may be

•Remove the very thing(s) that distract you and or has kept you distant from God and his word and will for your life

•Constantly ask GOD to give you Zeal for Him/His Word & His will plan and purpose for your life

•Fast- Pray, removing all distractions [yes this would be the time to abstain from social media and all other things that take the focus off of GOD] and Focus on GOD (read scripture that pertain to you and could help you in the different areas in your life that you are challenged by) Acknowledge that you need GOD and talk to Him about what you are currently facing.   Let Him know that you invite Him in to help you and take control.  And ask GOD to lead you and guide you for His name sake and to constantly show you His will plan and purpose for your life

•Put a plan in place that will guide you on the track of where you are meant to be AND FOLLOW IT (this never fails—>Praise, Worship, Prayer, reading the Word. Give yourself a place and a time if you need to, do what works for you)06294867-25FE-4367-B99E-E6B9DA594BCD.jpeg

Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD and His  Righteousness and ALL these things shall be added onto you Matthew 6:33!



3 thoughts on “Getting Back To Where You Need To Be

  1. OMG, Lucy, this was amazing and so refreshing to hear! I’m defintely on this path of getting back to where I need to be. Thank you for sharing your experiences so transparently ♥️

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