ReFining & ReDefining Who You Are

I believe it is good for one to refine and redefine who they are every few years.  Especially being that there are different life changes that occur that would try to refine and define who we are if we don’t first do so.



Last year I learned so much, that I didn’t even feel fully ready to enter into the new year.  I learned so much in general but mainly about myself; Who am I [VerSus] Who I really want to be—from head to toe, to attitude, all the way to character and desires?


I can say personally, I learned a lot by stepping away from what was expected from me by others as well as stepping away from their opinions and the opinions of family, friends and loved one’s too, in order to quench the fire they use to light the path of who they think I am and who they want me to be (including their goals and aspirations they have lined up for me).  BUT, I did this only to better hear the answer to the question “who am I,” from The creator Himself.


I have come to find that learning at times can be a little hurtful or should I say acquiring knowledge?🤔  Well what ever it may be, knowledge is power regardless of how it feels when it comes about.  However, at the end of the day it is a blessing!


There is a time where one must divorce what has always been, in order to pursue and align with what must be.   Many times we stick with what’s familiar because that’s what we know and has become most comfortable for us.  You must remember that you are not who ___________, ____________, and____________ say you are.  You are only who GOD says you are.  So you must explore you, remembering that you can’t fit into the mold of the expectations of others, neither can you live up to who others want you to be.  It is in the mold of others you will find yourself messing up every time.



So ask yourself, if nobody had a say, an opinion or a negative critique:

What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

What would you be doing?

What would you do more of?

How would you spend your time?

Who would you spend your time with?

What and who would you spend your money on?

Who and what would you invest in?

Now make sure it’s all good with GOD aka aligns with his Word…if you don’t know you might want to ask somebody (that knows).





Don’t ever forget, you flourish the most when you’re in your own element.  Think about a fish in water versus out the water….(yeah, that’s right, now go get in your element).  Know who you are, nurture who you are and comfortably BE YOU, and watch you be the happiest you that you can possibly be .

4 thoughts on “ReFining & ReDefining Who You Are

    1. No problem at all, I’m really happy it got you thinking girl, and I really hope that you do pray on it, because you’re such a beautiful person with so much in you so I know GOD put a lot in you to distribute here in the earth… S make sure you take out that time girl and really get away from all distractions and seek Him, He sure will tell you the plan girl💋

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