It Felt So Right…


Oh my gosh it felt so right you guys.  I went back there, honestly not knowing when or if I was going to go back but it felt so right and I fell in Love again with the city that never sleeps.  I fell in Love with New York City, again.  Not only did I fall in Love with New York but I think I fell in Love more so with what New York means to me…a really big idea, or a dream rather, that has the potential to manifest.


I saw how dreams become reality for those who put in hard work and consistent, diligence but I further more noticed how things are that much easier for those who are destined for them. You must run after the very things that you were created for, not wasting time. If you are bored, you’re not walking in purpose, and know that you’re not living out your destiny. So start from where you are, using all that’s in you, start now. Stop being worried about the wrong things and focus. It is time for you to truly learn from the past but divorce from it so that it won’t taint your future and cripple you from being and doing all you were created for.


I thought back and reminisced, I went into deep thought… and continued to dream; only realizing that when one wakes up and the dream is over.  One’s feelings can no longer be a dream but it must become a true reality.  It’s time for us to run after the different things that cause our hearts to smile and beat that much faster. It’s time for us to run after the very things that give us butterflies in our stomachs and cause us to stare into space until something or someone wakes us up.  It’s time for us to run after our dreams until we get them and they birth new dreams that birth new realities.


RUUUUUUUNNNNN because you are destined for greatness in whatever area(s) you were created for.  It’s truly about using what you have from exactly where you are; knowing and believing and holding on to the fact that GOD has given you everything you need to be who He destined you to be.



  1. Ask yourself what are your priorities and are they lined up correctly and are you focused on the right thing’s
  2. Check what is consuming up your time and make the appropriate changes
  3. Write down your end goal and then map out (writing down) step by step what the route is, in which would lead you to your goals
  4. Make changes in your house, work, attitude…etc…that would best accommodate your end goal
  5. If you feel like there are things working against you, pray about them daily while still working hard and pushing on towards your goals (even in tears and sweat if need be)
  6. start now….Today
  7. I like to sum all of this up in the 3 P’s Prayer…Planning…Putting in Work


*Remember:   Rome was not built in a Day       &         Build and the people will come


There are people that are waiting on you to do what you were purposed to do so they can be who they were destined to be.  Don’t leave this earth full but empty out everything in you, because it was put in you to give out.  When you are blessed, it is not only for you.  You and others should be benefiting from your blessings.   Do your part, the nations are waiting on YOU!


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