Why are you stiiiiilllllllll trying to please them??? Haven’t you already done that???Did it work? Are you satisfied? But why are you still tailoring your life to fit into the mold that you think will make them happy/make them think of you in a certain way??? Well let me give you a quick news flash, if you have not SUPER PLEASED them yet, most likely you never will, until you do what you were created to do, but then you will more so WOW THEM, yes little ol’ you will amaze them!!!!


DO YOOOOU! Only you know what truly makes you happy and like I always say, if it’s pleasing to GOD (and does not offend others for the most part) and especially if it’s a blessing to others —>go ahead.  You must get to the post where you feel comfortable being you because it is only then you will truly enjoy this life you were given.  You must enjoy and be comfortable with everything from your head to your toes.  Be you with your hair, be you with your clothes, be you with your shoes, be you with your nails, your toes, and even with your attitude (Remember if it’s not of GOD, it’s not you) but be you with your career, be you with your dreams, by simply putting wings on them and allowing them to fly.  BE YOU!!!


There is always going to be someone that has something to say, and that’s okay, we should really expect it for the simple fact that theynot YOOOOOU.  Everyone is  different  so therefore everyone has a different opinion.  Many times it starts from family and works it way out, or however it may be for you,but just know that opinions are bound to arise.  You just have to be tough and stick up for YOU, by “doing you”.  So if you like it and it’s not sending out the wrong message, or harming you or anyone else, feel free to do you and be yourself.  Live out the passions on your heart.


I truly believe GOD put passions on our hearts almost as guidance, kind of like our lanes in the earth and the same with our gifts and talents, which usually correlate with our passions.  Many times people are bored or not satisfied with their life because their in the wrong lane and not functioning where they are meant to thrive.  Like the fish for example, they thrive in the water but when you take them out… yeah, we know what happens.  It’s the same with each of us, we function best being who we were created to be, SO BE.


The sooner you become unapologetically you, the soon the rest of the world would be blessed and change for the better. There’s somebody out there waiting for what’s inside of you. There is somebody out there waiting for you to BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU


The only approval you need to seek is GOD’s, YOUR CREATOR, period.



1. Get to know who you are (remember you are who GOD says you are if you don’t know look in the Bible or ask someone that may know or google it lol)and own it, not allow ANYONE SAY OTHERWISE ( it also helps to write it down and rehearse it)

2. Have and cultivate relationships with people of like passion, if you can’t be 100% yourself around the people you call friends, there not your real friend, better yet, there not the friends that are meant for you, go find new ones.

3. Try things that you feel may be best for you, if it doesn’t work, try something new.  Plus you grow from your mistakes, but you learn more about who you really are as well, so at the end of the day you WIN.

4. Begin to develop the very gifts and talents you have and do what your passionate about, there is nothing wrong with starting afresh in need be.

5. Don’t allow the opinions of others to discourage you from being who you are or developing who you are.


Gal. 1:10
For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.




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