Sooo… Who Are You again???

Fall is officially here, so it’s officially time for some thing’s to fall off—it’s officially time for some people, some thoughts, some habits and everything in you that is not good to Fall off.


But at the same time, it’s time for change, yes, look at what’s happening around you (outside…the seasons). It’s time for new things to develop…it’s time for THE REAL YOU TO DEVELOP, so that in due season you can bear much fruit. Fakes can always be spotted. That’s why this is the perfect time to develop YOU.  It’s time to forget about what people say and stop trying to please people and time to wholeheartedly develop so you can blossom.




Keep in mind while you’re developing you gotta be tough because people may perceive you a certain way and even think you’re being someone you’re not, when that is not in fact the case.   To everything there is a process and in some stages of the process, the object at hand maybe unrecognizable.   So one must wait for the finished product so to speak .



It’s okay to try new things (as long as it’s pleasing to GOD…if it’s okay with GOD, it’s all good). With some things, you really don’t know until you try and many times in trying you open up and uncover newness.   It’s like trying on that dress that your mom and sister tells you to try on and you’re so reluctant but you just do it for them, and to your surprise it looks totally amazing on you and you fall in love, thanking GOD for having them “Force” (lol) you to try it on.  You even begin to see yourself in a whole new light.  It took you trying it to find out it was the very thing for you.  It’s all about breaking out or simply “stepping out the box.”


When you’re closed and only stick to one of anything, there’s not much room for growth. If you’re not growing your not Living because living many times involves growth.



I challenge you to find, develop and be yourself… Don’t be afraid to ask GOD to help you, after all He put you together lol, He created you and knows all your functions 😉 lolimage


*don’t forget it’s usually the ones that don’t take risks (mostly because their scared of the reactions of others) and conform to the “norm” that will have the most to say concerning you, or criticize you the most.


(outfit details will be on instagram: @scarce__beauty)

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