A Forever Growing Blessing

So it’s been exactly…how ever many weeks since Mother’s Day, but I must say…Mothers day is not over yet in fact Mother’s Day is just getting started (at least for me). I have found that Mothers Day is a 24/7 type-of-thing. Yes celebrating that day nationally and with the father of your child or children, is one of the most beautiful things, but MOTHERS DON’T EVER FORGET TO CELEBRATE YOURSELVES.

If you’re doing your best trying your hardest, correcting your mistakes as you go and always asking questions, & putting PRAYER FOR YOUR CHILD ON TOP, know that you’re the best mom ever, GOD sees you and He appreciates you taking care of His blessing!!!


A Forever Growing Blessing

Even as I hold Life, I become inspired
Even as I hold him, I realize that I am not just holding him but I am holding life
and I become instantly inspired,
continuing to remember I assisted GOD in creating one of his most profound creations
Having a child is such a beautiful blessing

So every day when I hold him, I don’t just hold my child, but I hold LIFE in my very arms,
I’m holding creation;
and as the days go by
I am molding creation as best as I know how to…
understanding that this creation that I hold and mold daily
will one day get up and walk
and one day even talk, back, to me,
because this creation has a purpose in the earth as well.

This blessing is like none other
This blessing is a blessing that never stops growing
I have been entrusted (by GOD Himself) with a forever growing blessing

I challenge you to forget about every moment before this moment and start afresh.
1. Sit back and realize that your child or children are blessings
2. Ask yourself what are you doing with your blessing… How are you investing in them
3. Pray daily for what you want to see in your blessing (child) & forget about what you may currently be seeing and pray daily for what you want to come of your blessing… ex. “I declare and decree that my child has a heart after GOD’s own, I declare and decree that my Child shall live out the will plan on purpose that God has for Him, my child shall be favored by you oh God and by man, my child shall bless the lives of everyone that he or she encounters in Jesus name amen.” Now make your own declarations and say them daily and watch your blessing transform and grow daily, before your very own eyes; watch your blessing be a blessing onto you and many more.


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