Shedding off the Ugly for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU


I love the summer time. It’s that time when you get to do more than usual and get to know you. Well having said all that, I had such a wonderful fun-filled week, visited different cities and been with FRAMILY (friends & family). I also got many compliments (which everyone loves). But I must say, I notice that I get most compliments when I’M MOVING IN MY OWN ELEMENT—> aka DOING ME<— WHICH I DO BEST!!! The funny thing, is that people say “doing me” so loosely meaning doing whatever they want to do, well that’s not my definition. MY definition:


DOING ME = functioning according to the perfection in which GOD created me to function; living out my gifts and talents while using them to bless EVERYONE I come in contact with (in some way shape or form).

Not only did I have fun with others this past week, but I also had fun with ME. I EXPLORED ME, I explored who I really am, and what I really like to do, and what happiness really means to me.

Grey Ice cream Top Knot and Natural makeup look created by me ☺️ ( YouTube tutorial coming soon stay tuned)


I spoke to one of my best friends on the phone yesterday and we agreed that “feeling good” occurs after you:

1. Shed off the old skin-the stuff that people put on you, the stuff that people said you are

2. Divorce the left over feelings of the not so good past experiences that occurred in your life leaving you with opinions and thoughts that don’t align with what GOD says concerning you (If you don’t know what GOD says about you, look in the bible, check credible sources qonline or ask someone in a local church).
3. Separate yourself from all behaviors that are not pleasing to your creator ~turn away from the past and hurt and shame
4. Ask yourself where your opinions are coming from and then evaluate them… If they align with the word of GOD keep them if they don’t THROW IT OUT and find out what GOD says
5. Come to terms with every bad thing that people have said concerning you, by writing it down and then right next to it write down how it made you feel and lastly write the truth concerning that and also possible steps you may need to take to develop in that area depending on what it is (ex. 1 One may say you don’t have good hair 2 that hurt my feelings because…. 3 the truth is I do I have good hair…but I also may need to take better care of my hair because GOD made my hair and everything He is good and He blessed it period)
6. Find different ways to work on the areas that take away or have stolen your ability to live freely and function the way GOD CREATED YOU TO FUNCTION


Many times we form options when we are young and or at times when we don’t have much of a voice. Many times it’s our family, friends, and or community and culture that Form our opinions in which we translate into who we are, but it’s high time you explore you and find out who GOD says you are… Because THAT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU!

It is very important that you do these things because you were created to enjoy this life as you come to live your purpose. You’re here to have complete fun, peace, joy and happiness, not having to tear down others to lift you up or not having to use any substances or use your body to put you on a high or give you a temporary “feel good” that will have you searching for more in a matter of seconds, minutes or days.  There is a higher high than that temporary high.


1. Do those things you have always wanted to do
2. Try the things that people said you can’t do but deep down inside you know you have always wanted to do
3. What are the things that you’re especially good at??? Explore and develop them, because those are your gifts and talents, those are the things that make YOOOOU you, those are the things that make you up
4. Have fun as you blossom into who you really are!!!
* just make sure that they are all pleasing to GOD, because if it’s not pleasing to GOD it’s not who you really are. You are who GOD says you are only… the true, real you, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU






4 thoughts on “Shedding off the Ugly for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL YOU

  1. Lucy The Model Amazing read!!!!! I’m Going to Create the New me with Boldness. I’m going to step out on faith doing the thing that I need to be doing.

  2. Amazing read I’m going to start exploring who Iam and Create the me I’m created to be with boldness! I want to creat the best

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