Children: Enjoying them to the Maximum- #DIY/How to

This is me before I get completely done up for my first Mother’s Day

Children are a blessing from GOD (and yes that is regardless of how they came into this world, planned or unplanned) PERIOD...So if you feel anything other than blessed with and by your child, news alert SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG, but the good thing about wrongs is that<— they can be turned into RIGHTS😊.  It is never too late to enjoy your child no matter how old they may be and its never too late to start something new.

The first step to enjoy your child, or children (just like everything else) is to be grateful.  YOU MUST REALIZE THAT THINGS COULD BE WORSE AND THERE IS SOMEONE PRAYING TO HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE >a child or children<.

  1. Moms you must take care of yourself, because if your not taking care of yourself, it’s going to be hard for you to take really good care of another.
    1. Set a prayer time
    2. have time just for you, all by yourself  even if it’s for 15 or 30 minutes
    3.  -pamper yourself:keep you HAIR, NAILS, & FEET done (because, beauty’s I’m pretty sure it’s proven by now, than when we feel good about ourselves were unstoppable and “you can’t tell us nothing lol.”)
  2. Get yourself and your baby on a set schedule: routine and discipline are very necessary in every area of one’s life, even babies/children,
  3. Schedule things
  4. Stay active with your child (do out do activities)
  5. Get involved in first time mother groups or any group that best describes your situation in life
  6. Celebrate any and everything especially milestones
  7. Begin new or old family traditions

…don’t forget your camera 🙂

List of Possibilities:

  1. Zoo
  2. Stroller walks (in the) or a regular walk if your child is older
  3. Park
  4. Swimming
  5. make a scrap book
  6. Make sweet treats with them
  7. Enjoy milestones-birthdays, first tooth, first day of daycare or school, etc
  8. Plan vacations together and or around your child
  9. Take on new hobbies with them


This is a picture of me READY to enjoy my first Mother’s Day as an actual mother lol!!!

Stay tuned for my Mother’s Day Blog!



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