Cotton Candy Sweet & Gold…What do you Taste like?

So I decided to take my “Shugah” (sugar) out today, he did not expect it. I told him I needed to go to Union Station in the District of Columbia (DC), little did he know I had plans for him. I don’t know about you guys but some times I wonder what I taste like. When he gets a taste of me, what do I taste like? Am I sweet or am I bitter??? WHAT DO I TASTE LIKE???

SUPER SWEET (non-alcoholic goblet drink)


WHEN PEOPLE GET ME, (or a piece of me) WHAT DO I COME WITH???

WHAT DOES MY PACKAGE ENTAIL??? No really, think about it.  We have all been blessed with everything we need to be the best that we can possibly be, so what are you doing with all that?


Wives: Are your husbands getting sweet or sour from you? Are they getting bitter or a better you than ever? does your attitude motivate him?  Are they growing because your feeding them of all your good fruits (of the spirit) or are they withering away because your nagging and making them worse rather than better?


Wives to be (and or singles): What do others get from you? Are people eager to have you around or a part of their lives? Do people feel encouraged and happy when they get around you? DO PEOPLE EVEN WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU, does a man even want to FINDeth YOU???


When you arrive, are people excited? When you leave are people blessed?  How do you affect the lives of others?  What do people get when they get you? Develop the best parts of you.  Who doesn’t want to be around the person that brightens up the room.  Which leads me to ask, “WHAT DO (the majority of) PEOPLE SAY WHEN YOU LEAVE?

Again I ask, HOW DO YOU TASTE?


INVEST IN YOURSELF and MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT, after all your here for a purpose, make it worth  while for everyone.

I challenge you to:

Be that Loving, Joyful, Patient, Kind, Good, Faithful & Faith-filled, gentle woman that you were created to be .  Be in full control of who you are, not allowing nothing and no situation change you from being the REAL (beautiful, soft) YOU!!!

If there is any area that you struggle in make it your JOB to develop that area.  Some of you may ask how can one develop an area in their life, or how does one invest in themselves.  Its not as difficult as it may seem



1). Pin point the area that needs help

2). Look up ways to improve that area

3). but the BEST WAY TO IMPROVE IS-look in the Bible and see how Jesus did it or look at a story that is similar to what you are dealing with, that could help you. <— Meditate on it, reminding yourself daily and practicing it (actually practicing what the scripture say about that area) {that what i personally do} and before you know it, you begin to walk in the new way.

4). Practice makes perfect-give yourself actual goals to practice for example if your working on having faith, make sure you think of the most positive outcomes, in the worst case scenarios, always believing that good will come from all situations you encounter  example would be to remind yourself that all things work together for the good of those that love GOD… or remind yourself that, what was meant for evil GOD will turn for your good…AND WATCH YOU BECOME A BETTER YOU!

5). Buy books or material that pertain to what you want to develop (people spend money(invest) 0n what is important to them) make your growth a priority…


Everything is about choice.  HOW DO YOU SPEND THE TIME THAT YOU HAVE??? What choices do you make.   Certain things in life we don’t have the ability to choose, but EVERYTHING  else…we do!   INVEST IN YOURSELF.  BEGIN TO BETTER YOURSELF NOW, be who GOD created you to be, everything else can wait  (and if your having trouble, talk to your creator about it)!!!

4 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Sweet & Gold…What do you Taste like?

  1. This was definitely an awesome read. Keep it up
    Love the outfit and we have the sugar factory in Orlando now. I’m excited about it.

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