Are You A BO$$?… MOMMY

So much has gone on in the shortest month of the year.  This month is not only the shortest, but it’s the month that adds an extra day to the year (this year is a leap year), it’s also the month that stands for LOVE (Valentines day) and it’s also Black History month.  But it’s more to me than just those things.  It is the month that I realized that I’M A BO$$.IMG_2436.JPG

And this reason goes beyond color, background or culture.  I don’t mean the typical BO$$, I mean a BOSS MOM.  February marks the 1/2 way mark of my sons 1st year here on the earth.  Not only am I grateful for it, but I am thankful for EVERYTHING that has come along with it, because every mother knows that it is not easy at all.  We can agree that it’s cute, but far from easy.   I went from a purse to something like a diaper bag (although COACH does not refer to it as that,  but it works for me, because I don’t see myself ever using an actual diaper bag… but stay tuned to my Youtube Channel so that you can see whats in “my diaper” bag if your interested). IMG_2437.JPG

I also went from everything being about me to everything being about this “tiny man (as my sister would say).”  So going from me-me-me to having this “tiny man,” pretty much depend on me for everything, not being able to fend for himself, has been quite different.  A baby will definitely change your life, I have come to find.  Just MAKE SURE that they change your life for the better.    IMG_2438.JPG

So the next question I guess would be, “What is a Boss-Mom?” well a BOSS (according to my definition) is someone in control of what they can control, a person that oversees things, making top of the line decisions to ensure a certain outcome.  So I like to define a BOSS MOM as a mother that takes control of the blessing that was given to her; overseeing that all goes well with her baby.  She makes prayerful decisions to ensure the best outcome for her child in every area of their life. This mom, understands sacrifice and does not mind doing it because she realizes that she has been entrusted with someones life, and that she is the one that puts them on the beginning steps of their destiny.IMG_2375.JPG

Are you a BOSS MOM? If not, I encourage you to start today. This does not mean that “you don’t have a life.” All this means is that you were chosen and therefore trusted to assist in helping with life, and with destiny.  So make it count before you go to do or say anything, think about how it can effect your child… this will in return bless you, by helping you BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE.



check back for pictures of baby King’s 6months party:)


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