I don’t mind sharing my LOVE LIFE

So if you know me, you know that I LOVE, LOOOOVE.  All that to say—> (one of) my favorite months and day in the year is coming up <insert drum role> VALENTINES DAY, that is.

SO the question is WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOVE???  follow me and let’s take a little journey into a piece of MY LOVE LIFE…

Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog, where we will be walking more in my shoes

but in order to really understand it, you gotta take a walk in my shoes.  Therefore, I think it would be great for you to take the


{THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR ALL, males females, young and old…tell a friend}

FEB 1 Just SMILE-be nice to everyone that comes in contact with you & everyone you come in contact with {a smile goes a long way and even warms your hear}

FEB 2 Do someone a random favor- help someone carry their groceries, work for someone that needs the day off, babysit for someone, JUST DO SOMETHING NICE

FEB 3 Surprise someone with a gift- big or small, it’s the thought behind it thats going to matter

FEB 4 Go to a school or a hospital or any work place and drop them off a gift (a letter or flowers, candy or even cupcakes) and let them know they are loved and what they do is appreciated

FEB 5 Take someone out to eat, even if it’s small like a bagel at Panera Bread

FEB 6 Bake someone a cake or cookies or even cupcakes- yum- (or buy, if you can’t bake) – you can bring it to your co-workers, or someone that would least expect it

FEB 7 Get a helium Ballon and put it in front of someones door with a note that lets them know they are loved or appreciated

FEB 8 Write an appreciation card to someone- just let them know that everything they do is appreciated even what is not seen or spoken of

FEB 9 Personally deliver someone a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) it would be nice if it’s home made but if you can’t cook buy it

FEB 10 Spend time with someone that would least expect it but greatly appreciate it

FEB 11 Give someone a gift card

FEB 12 Buy a small children’s toy and give it to a child (or even go to a children’s store and pay for someone’s purchase)

FEB 13 GIVE A RANDOM PERSON 14$$$$ and write a note that says something like: your loved, or you matter…or anything that shows love

FEB 14 SPEND THIS DAY WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE & give them something that shows you love them

EXCUSES ARE NOT ACCEPTED…JUST DO IT (like nike) i don’t even want to hear “I don’t have the money,” because you can substitute buying things, with making things, and you can always give of your time and invest in someone else for 14 days, try this challenge and watch it not only bless others, but bless and make you a happier person!!!

{TRY YOUR BESST TO DO THESE THINGS FOR PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW, OR PEOPLE THAT WOULD LEAST EXPECT IT, not just family members (unless the relationship needs to be better, in that case it would be perfect)



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