Its all about what you can do with your MOUTH: Its NEW YEARS all over again #Redo #DoOver

Females love to use their mouths whether it is for outlining, MACing (the lipstick that is) or even fussing the next “chick” out, females always use their mouth for something, but i’ll come back to that in a second, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.
Allow me to start here —> It’s never to late to start all over…YES, NEW YEARS DO over. Today is January 23, 2016, but it can also be Day 1 again, IT’S MY NEW YEAR again and it can be yours too!!! Not only did I redo my new years outfit but I recognize that there are some other things that need to be redone, dropped and added. Truth be told like my “Uncle Michael (really my brother in-law)” says, just because it is a new year does not guarantee a new you, or a new life. Many people bring their issues from the last year into the “new year.” BUT IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY…(keep reading because IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR MOUTH beauties

IMG_1559.JPGyou are going to have to be a little open minded and willing to put in work for everything else I say from this point forward. So they say that GOD said a few words or so and then everything came into existence, so could it be that if I say a few words they will happen or exist too???


Well let me give you some background information for those that don’t really know much about this GOD. He made EVERYONE (yes your a part of everyone, even when you try to exclude yourself) in His Image and after His likeness meaning YOUR JUST LIKE HIM so to speak. SO IF HE CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU


Now, back to what I was saying earlier, females love to use their mouths to do so many things, but what about what matters most.  We must stop the fussing, the gossiping and tearing people down, we don’t have to put our mouths on everything.  If it does not cause a person to be greater don’t say it….But speak only on what matters the most, building people up and purpose driven things.  Which is really one of the main reasons why you are even here.  {If your not helping someone get better, don’t join in on breaking them down… KEEP YOUR MOUTH TO YOURSELF.}IMG_1547.JPG

Women are givers of life, what are you birthing with your mouth, what are you birthing with your words. Because your mouth incubates life and death, when you open up yours what comes out??? If it’s good, it’s life and if its bad its death, its just that simple.
With that being said, what do you have to SAY about this NEW YEAR OF YOURS? Its not too late. The same way I redid my outfit (for those that saw me on new years), we all still have time to redo and change the course of this year.



IMG_1557.JPGTake this challenge (it’s never to late to do it):
Simply say this for the rest of this month (because we still have a few days, and for those of you that want to go hard, say it even more, pray it or even fast with it and watch GOD be GOD)
My Father, my GOD, I thank you for You and I thank you for all you have given me and who you created me to be. I thank you that I lack nothing and you still give me more but I commit this year 2016 into your hands and I declare and decree: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Fill in the blank with what you would like to see in this year, whether it is a degree or a job, or even a boyfriend 😜 lol, ANYTHING, just declare it WITH YOUR MOUTH and then begin to work toward your goals).

P.S. also include what you don’t want to see and what you no longer want to struggle with. And if your like me you would try to keep on saying these things until they come to pass, until they happen.IMG_1543.JPG

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