STORY TIME: All I Want is a MAN for my Birthday

So another birthday has come and gone but it did not go as I had planned (but then again, have they ever lol)  I guess GOD’s plan will forever be greater than mine.  But this birthday I must say was one of the best, and it actually started on NEW YEARS DAY.


Well lets back track.  2 years ago I was very studious and working very hard but I was single  but I REALLY WANTED A MAN (a boyfriend that would turn into a husband that is,  because I don’t see the need to be with or entertain males, except just that very special 1), and according to me there were NO PROSPECTS so when in doubt, I just prayed and from the heart, I said “GOD, all I want for my birthday is just 1 thing, can I please just have a boyfriend, pleasssssssssssse GOD, that all i want, nothing else this year, pleasssssssse.”  and I started this prayer at the end of December up until my birthday which is January 3rd.  As January approached, I was getting a little antsy…yes I was a little uneasy, especially by January 2nd and I saw no signs of a man anywhere but its all good because I know that there is nothing to hard for BIG DADDY UPSTAIRS, He could bring me a man at 11:59 pm on January the 3rd its self.


So FINALLY January the 3rd came I found myself waking up early and running errands and picking up a few things for my parents and just not having anything planned nor anyone else having anything planned.  I remember just not wanting to be bothered at all the whole day because truth be told I was already bothered, it did not seem as though my wish was coming true, and that was all I wanted.  So I was in my “it’s your birthday you can cry if you want to mood.”


So my best friend called and I began to tell him, that I’m not having the best of day, but if he could just come pick me up RIGHT NOW because I just wanted to drive around and and get away for a little bit, but I never told him why I was truly frustrated, I just told him I was not having a good day, but to my surprise, for the first time, HE TOLD ME NO.  So at this point I think I started to cry silently and I was so caught up in my feelings that I missed everything he had already said about me needing to get ready at 5pm because he had reservations for me in D.C at 7:30 or so.  I don’t know how he ended up getting my attention, but I just remembered saying no come get me before 5 and then I noticed what he said and I wiped my little eyes and put on my big girl voice and said okay, i’ll wait until 5pm.  At this point I had forgotten about my little birthday wish/{PRAYER} and I decided that I did not mind just spending my birthday with one of my best friends.


5pm had just rolled around, I said why not get all cute and stuff, so I had my hair did, nails done and outfit on, and ready to go.  He picked me up and of course I was venting about everything except for what was really bothering me, but by the time I got out of the car and a dozen red long-stemmed beautiful roses were placed in my hand, to my surprise, there was nothing bothering me anymore.  The restaurant was absolutely gorgeous with crystals everywhere.  Honestly I was speechless and therefore, I barely spoke the whole night.  I could not understand why my best friend at the time would be doing something that nice for me, how could he be doing for me what I thought my man should be doing for me (and for those of you that know us, you would know that we had tried to pursue a relationship with each other about 4-5 years prior but we decided it would be best just to be friends).  So you know I was very taken back by everything, and then on top of that he began to talk about his intentions ———-> FAST FORWARD


Lo and Behold the night was almost over and I must say I had one of the best evenings ever.  As I was getting ready for bed and about saying my prayers, I really didn’t know how to feel…could it be that GOD had really answered my prayers???

       Well needless to say————–>Were married now with a 5month old.

I was reminded of my little big prayer again this year, as I had a plan for my birthday with my girls, and it did not happen as I planned,  it happened better than I planned (spending time with two ladies my heart truly loves & turnin’ up the right way till 2,3,4, in the morning) and that was NEW YEARS DAY and on MY BIRTHDAY I FOUND MY SELF WITH MY ANSWERED PRAYER & 3DOZEN ROSES this time.



water-roses -mojitos (my little virgin mojito) #OURLOVESTORY lol


All of that just goes to say, there is no prayer that goes unheard GOD knows what you need when you need it.  GOD is always on times, and every now and then He even gives us little gifts 😉

I challenge you today: whatever that thing is that you need, JUST ASK and keep asking until you see it.  It never hurts to ask.  Why is it that children have no problem asking and asking, and notice even after mommy or daddy may say no, at the right time, if need be as they keep asking and asking they do receive. But better yet, even the first time a child asks for something at times it’s is given to them.  What I do know is that in the same way a parent gives a child good things GOD gives His children greater thing (if you don’t get what you ask for keeping asking until you get it, but always examine your intentions, because a good Father will never give their child what may potentially harm them).


12 thoughts on “STORY TIME: All I Want is a MAN for my Birthday

  1. This is a beautiful read… it really touched me and reminded me to; pray and wait on God. “Just ask” I’m going to do that starting today. 🙂

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