Hi there BeYouTees (beauty’s ) welcome to my page, what better time than now to start the official Scarce Beauty Page. All this “Newness” going on why not add this as well.
People always talk about people acting “Brand New,” I finally understand it… Stop ACTING brand new and be brand new rather
A new you, a better you. ONE SHOULD BE GETTING BETTER DAILY AND GROWING IN SOME WAY DAILY, wether it is MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY (especially) EMOTIONALLY or even FINANCIALLY. Well guess what ladies, or should I say BeYouTees, you don’t have to look much farther. This site I believe can help direct you in the right path, potentially even ENROUT TO YOUR PURPOSE.

I’m excited about this blog and channel that comes along with it, and I hope you are as well. Let’s enjoy everyday of our lives starting now, but I must say, it’s not going to be easy because somethin’s gotta give. Being a well rounded TRUE BEAUTY INVOLVES MUCH SACRIFICE (stay tuned to see what I mean and transition into the true beauty your supposed to be {being able to minus the hurt, pain, jealousy, envy, and those unspoken issues as well). TAKE NOTES LADIES

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